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Mixed Vegetables

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The Ingredients
1 tablespoon of herbs and spices of your choice, mixed vegetables- sweet corn, petitpois peas,green beans, carrots,spring onions, 2 – 3 small red chilli peppers sliced diagnoly, king prawns, cashew nuts, 2 eggs, seseame seed oil, 500g Jasmine rice, shirleys jollof paste.

1. Cook Jollof rice using shirleys Jollof Paste (flavour of your choice). Instructions are in the beginning of book.
2. While the Jollof rice is cooking Scramble the two eggs and put to side.
3. Stir – fry the king prawns you can sprinkle some of your preferred herbs and spice over them for 3 – 5 min and put a side.
4. Lightly stir – fry the cashew nuts until golden brown for 2-3 min and put aside.
5. 5 minutes before the Jollof rice is cooked add all the ingredients mix vegetables , king prawns , scrambled egg and the cashew nuts. Toss everything together until everything is evenly saturated. There You have it, Jollof vegetable rice.
6. Garnish with spring onions.

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