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Jollof Rice may look simple to the eye but it’s not Jollof if you don’t get it right. The taste, flavour, texture and appearance is what makes this well loved rice dish a master piece which is only acquired by the experienced.

Shirley’s Jollof Paste is a fusion of uniquely chosen ingredients from the spice and herb world, blended with onions and tomatoes which is the base for Jollof rice. Our chosen ingredients create the authentic Jollof taste and aroma that will make your taste buds dance, giving you a mouth watering experience.

The skill is now in the jar. We have taken 90% of the labour leaving you with 10% of the fun work. Just add the paste to your preferred rice, stir in the paste until all grains of rice are well mixed, add water and cook. The paste can be cooked on the hob or in the rice cooker, achieving the perfect results all the time. You can now make Jollof rice at a fraction of the time it usually takes to prepare.

Whether you are an experienced Jollof cook or just a beginner, using Shirley’s Jollof Paste is a new and convenient way to cook jollof rice without the hassle. Not compromising on authenticity, we aim to give you the joy to cook West Africa’s most loved rice dish like a pro.

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Meet Shirley - seeing there was a gap in the market for a well-known African dish, Shirley’s Jollof Paste was Born.


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